Thursday, November 5, 2009

stupid day spoil my sleep

Nike run......screw it. the whole Angsana got Disqualified. They said need REAL parrents sighnature so the whole andsana could not go. SHIT YOU(wei siang copyright) so some went out of school the others went to gamble in balau :)

chen ho: the pro is here
shiwen : im the god of gambelers
*william gave out the cards*
shiwen: black jack muahahaha
willian: chen ho not playing I gave him cards so not counted
pffffffffffff I could have won cash

so at the end I didnt lose cash but... also didnt gain.
so when I and weisiang went back to class.... (angsana and meranti class) there were onli 3 ppl. 3 indian girls the others ponteng edi.

J and J(not jospeh dont perasan) .....get married......... 11 august at..... maybach (poolman).....I think so

*dont worry zhichung the long poem is coming soon*

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