Friday, June 12, 2009

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All 21 people that are listed out must do this tag unless you don't have a blog.Write the names of 21 friends you can think of right now.Then answer the following questions, if you don't know the real answer, say you're guessing

1. joseph

2. wei siang

3. Joli

4. Bryan

5. Zhichung

6. minern

7. Daniel

8. edlyn

9. aileen

10. zi ying

11. cassandra

12. gee ken

13. chein han

14.hui min

15. xiu pei

16. ben yew( if he wants to do it)

17. rachel

18.eric( if he wants to do it)

19. jason mraz

20. kelly clarkson

21. superman

How did you meet 13 ?

What would you do if 4and 5 dated?


Have you seen 11 cry?


Would 18 and 19 make a good couple?


Do you think 2 is attractive?

im not GAY

What is 15's favorite colour?

pink ( gay colour )

When was the last time you talked to 12?

erm... thats a long time ago

What language does 16 speak?

GAY language

Who is 21 going out with?

super woman la :D

Would you ever date 14?


Does 17 secretly dream about 10?

lessssbion !!!!!

What is the BEST thing about 20?

sings well :P

What would you like to tell 18 right now?

do the tagged

Does 9 wanna be gay?

dono ask her

Have you ever kissed 8?


What is the best memory you have of 6?


When is the next time you're gonna see 7?

whenever I want to cause his house is so close :P

How is 3 different that 4?

one is tall one is short one is big one is small one is a girl one is has long hair the other has short hair :)

Is 1hot?

NO!!!!! looking at him is spoiling my eyes =P

What was your first impression of 11?

sneezes very loud? :D

How did you meet 12?

erm... forgot edi ;D

Is 20 your best friend?


Do you hate 18?

why should I hate anyone??? xP

Have you seen 6 in the last month?

erm... did I??

Would 5 eat something that you cooked?

depens if it is nice he will eat it =D

Have you been to 21's house?

nope :P

When is that next time you will see 14?


Are you in love with 15?


Have you been to the movies with 16?


Have you gotten in trouble with 7?

erm... we did evil stuff but his was the kp so we didnt get catch :P

Would you give 8 a hug?

whats the reason to??? =.=

Has 2 ever lied to you on purpose?

yeah he told me he dint like ********* till I tricked him :)

Is 19 good at flirting?


Do you know a secret about 17?

of corse /of corse not

Describe the relationship between 18 and 19?


What's the best thing about your friendship with 16?

is not bald ( not yet) :P

Have you ever slept with 9

NO!!!!!!! so wrong -.-

How long have you known 1?

3 years

Does 3 have a boyfriend?


Have you ever wanted to punch 18 in the face?

if I had a reason to:P

Does 9 want to meet your parents?


How did you meet 10?

by benjamin khoo xP (cause thats bens gf ) JKjk

Do you purposely physically hurt 5?

if he disturbe me yes xD

Do you live close to 13?


What is 6's favourite food?

dono something adible :)

What kinda of car does 11 have?

toy car:D

Have you travelled anywhere with 15?


If you give 12 one million bucks, what would she/he do with it?

buy books and fill his house :P

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