Monday, June 8, 2009

a tagged request

someone asked me to make a tagged casue his bored so this is it although it sux. Then he asked me to do it.

rules: no looking at questions before arrangeing the names.

1. what is your relation with the person who tagged you?

erm... im that person

2. how did you know him/her

I think I should skip these qusetions

3. what would you do if he/she punched you
im not crazy

4. what do you know about him/her?

5. what do you hate about him/her?

6. what is your impression of him/her is

7. what was the most memorable that he/she has ever done for you?

8. what is the most desired thing you want to do for him/her is?

9. how are you feeling now?

10. pick 15 friends you wish to tag(odd number for girls and even number for guys)

4.zhi chung
10.wei siang
11.shao wen
12.jia gin
14.kum fong( if he wants to do it)

11. what is number 3 studiying about?
no idea

12. what does 7 like?
erm.... god???? :P

13. what do you think about 1
I nice friend? :)

14. what if 2 and 7 got married
wont happen not even in farytails (toobad)

15. what would you do if 13 fights with you?
punch her durrr.... JKJK :P

16. what if 1 marries 4
whoa I must ask one of them. Dang!!! thay are not on9

17. what does 12 like to do?
grandma pron xD

18. what would you buy for 8 on his b day?
slimming mechine :P

20. what does 15 like?
dono..cute stuff maby?

21. what if 6 and 7 gets married?
ooo.. bryan is gona tell his children "I dropped mummy before"

22.what if 14 marries 11
they don't know each other

23. what if 5 is lesbion
no suprise xP

24. what if U see 13 kissing 14?
they dont know each other

25. what do you like about 5,6,7,8,9 and 10?
they are not as hot as me :)

26.when was the last time you talked with 10?

27.Does 9 have any siblings?
er... 1 bro maby 2 bro or maby... erm.. I dono

28.What is the surname of number 12?

29. what do you call 3?

30. where does 15 live?
beside daniel :P did you know 8?
cause he gave me a rabbit :)

32.where does 11 live?
somewhere near giant I think.

33.what does 9 like?

34.what pet does 5 have
er...lizards ?

35. what do you hate about this tag?
too long

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