Friday, June 18, 2010

2010 the not so good year

well if u have noticed... i havent been blogging and my latests post was like dinosaur months ago and if most of u know my life has been wavy lately due to the change in situations and especially friends and all sorts of crap. to some of you i may not have been an awesome friend and sometimes a terrible one and i have been bored way too often but..... im trying to change.. if u have any tips please tell me cause im bored of being bored cause it is boring.... im so bored that i started to blog and im talking crap. continue with my life.. it was tough trying to fit in with the new environment and new class.. although I hated it at the beginning, it turned out not so bad as i made friends... hopefully. And as usual... i miss judged loads of people and now im trying to seek the truth and.... it isn't as easy as i thought it would be. If only i could get help. But from who? i need to find some people i can trust to trust to help me. Life isn't just about love fun friends... its complicated and we need loads of stuff to live.. for example... money, food, drinks, trust, internet, school, hand phone and too much more... some thing i believe in life is that when we do something bad or evil, we will have to repay it somehow somewhere with something. But we all tend to hats people sometimes. back stab people and accuse people for our own good.. things like this should not be done as it can be stopped effortlessly. so why dont all of us... me and my friends and "friends" stop this to make this world a more peacefull place... everyone should follow rules and not break them as they were invented to seek for justice... for example... why cheat in an exam.. exams are ment to help us see our potential and our weekness.. imagine if everyone copies and gets 100% in exams without studiying.. whats the point? we will then end up sweeping the floors or cleaning toilets...

holidays is so boring... no outing.. no fun no movie .Got basket ball but broke my braces got computer and new monitor but spoilt my graphic card ( stupid tm lah.. got power search pow my graphic card ) got mw2 but so sian play... got terry tution but no pizza. got nice phone but got tiny scratches. Got money but no 1 to spent with/on ( whichever u want) got some friends but some busy and some********. boring much and nothing to do... so im left to spend my loneliness with my phone( which i just updated super cool) I wish life was like a fary tale.. i hope it ends with a happy ending... me being a lazy boy suddenly marries a filty rich princess and becomes a ruller of a place but it isnt like that. i have to work hard and earn money myself. pffft

foot ball fever..... looks like i didnt get sick.. i know funny that im not interested... i dont see the fun and joy in it... all i see is some people running in the field kicking a ball. truthfully, i hate it.. everyone will be stuck at the tv and spoiling their eyes and no 1 willl be free to do anything.. another thing is in facebook, u can see people anymore.. all u see in their display picture is a foot ball shirt? what for? shirts are meant to be worn not posted as display pictures. pffft.. im bored... bye

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